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The right therapists and tests started coming my way. I must emphasize that I actively pursued them and did research. And now, about a year later, we adopted another cat who was left on the street.

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Although the cat came into our lives suddenly, I knew this opportunity had to be taken. This is the energy I came into this life literally presenting itself to me.

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Also, the higher manifestation of Virgo is being of service to something greater than ourselves. It is about taking care of those who are less fortunate than we are. For me, this was the opportunity to put the energy of the 18th degree into very good use. Being of service to animals who are less fortunate. It must be said that this energy is not very easy to deal with and it has its darker side. But finding ways to put it into good use in the world is a good start to learn to live with it.

Become a member. Sign in. Get started. The 18th degree in astrology — Remedy. Meta Life Cycles has an intriguing graphic approach to rectification; many sample horoscopes are mapped in graphic format over decades of time. If you haven't been there yet, do not miss the superb collection of astrological information at AstroDataBank. Inspired by the late Lois Rodden, the work is now a WikiProject and is all free of charge. State of the art astrology software and some cool free downloads are available from Alphee and Carole Lavoie's site.

Sandra-Leigh Serio has weekly and yearly forecasts at her site. AcuMind is a mix of Western and Chinese astrology with a great News section that is updated frequently. Astro Software offers a StarLite , a freeware program, and lots of quality astrology information along with Kepler Software. Astrologer Celeste Teal has gathered an assortment of insightful short articles, including lunar forecasts, at Moon Valley Astrology.

Night Light News is a cleanly designed site with extensive articles based on Alice Bailey's approach to esoteric astrology; also has current planets and a good health article for each sign.

Patrice Guinard, PhD has assembled a collection of articles, including his thesis on astrology and works by Cornelius, Hand, Schmidt and Barbault. A dynamic site with great design and fine astrology can be found at StarIQ.

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Artcharts has a daily calendar as well as monthly forecasts. Astroinsights has void-of-course Moon tables for the month and a page for Quick Steps to Learning. Here's a well-known site called Zodiac Master with wonderful graphics and a very creative approach for all, from beginners to those in "the deep" with astrological studies.

Starcats has lots of great articles and resources for astrologers; wonderful layout and humor throughout! Go here for excellent work on astrocartograpy maps from Robert Couteau. Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady offers her articles and information about her innovative JigSaw software for finding patterns in groups of people.

Dirah Academy Internationa l is a great source for those interested in Vedic astrology — lots of links and info. Astrofaces is a fun research project with photographs of Sun, Moon and Rising sign combinations. Send yours in! Richard Nolle has lots of graphics, important planetary cycles, lots of celebrity birth data and charts.

The Sabian Assembly was founded in by Marc Edmund Jones; this a big site which offers a chart giving a Sabian Symbol for each day of the year calculated for sunrise in Washington, D. Diana K.

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