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Natural Zodiac What is the Precessional Shift of time? That would make sense, too. But unfortunately, no one really knows his birth year nor even his real date of birth.

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If only there was a way to know.. It is in the Old testament, hundreds of years before the event, just for point of interest to anyone who is interested. If you backtrack, you can get Jesus year of birth.

I used to be really up on the details of Prophecy and even did this with my own calculator but now I have gotten away from it. I'm really interested in this. Goggle Daniel's Prophecy of Jesus death. You've heard the term "Age of Aquarius?

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That was the start of a twenty six thousand year cycle which was fixed at the Natural Zodiac setting. I'm really not surprised that a Transformation Shift and Teacher would appear at that particular Time. The Door. Didn't they date it to a certain time of year by that?

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Passover, maybe? Yeah, I just always assumed this. Think Yeezus, which was released on June 18th by a Gemini :O! It all makes sense. Neptune the ruler of Pisces is conjunct the South Node in Scorpio. Last post by newone1 in Re: What you tube reader Last post by Truthseeker in Re: Clarissa, Jozette, a Users active in past 2 minutes: maggs30 , poorprincess , Apalm , Abundantia , flora , Silverlightnmoom , Arigirl No user is in chat.

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